2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse Home Decor

VIP Embellishments – The Hampton Designer Showhouse

It’s a summer tradition visiting the 2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse.  Not only is it where talent in our industry gets to shine with Hamptons style, it also supports the Southampton Hospital which is integral to the health of my family.  We depend on the expertise of the hospital, caring for my 92 year-old mother-in-law Mary Phipps, a long time resident of the village we call our second home.

Event Co-Chairs this year are the esteemed designers Mario Buatta, Jamie Drake and Alexa Hampton.  Traditional Home Magazine does an amazing job sponsoring and drawing renowned designers and home enthusiasts to the showhouse.  It is a unique way of showcasing the creativity and hard work of interior designers and the home builder while sharing their material sources to inspire. See more info and buy tickets here; the home is open to tour through Labor Day.



This year’s home is more embellished than past showhouses, so I feel like trimmings are a VIP and am excited to share close-up shots of designer trim applications. There are many more designer rooms to admire, but my focus is on Trim Alchemy, creating something extraordinary utilizing trimmings. Join me on this tour!

Elegance with an Edge  – Elsa Soyars Interiors

Walking into the Master Bedroom designed by Elsa Soyars was like escaping into an slightly exotic and very elegant retreat.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse


Elsa graciously gave us a tour through all the room’s details.  The fringed hammock added to the luxury lounging vibe.  Pillow trims by Houles.  She “channeled” the banding trim on the pillow to give a striped effect.


The brush and sueded fringe Elsa applied to the pillows on the daybed added to the richness of the rooms finishes.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Ethereal Spa – Liliane Hart Interiors

Entering the Master Bath, one experiences lightness and purity.  Liliane Hart Interiors created a wakeful room where one can imaging arriving at morning clarity, or returning to serenity at the end of the day.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Master Bath by Liliane Hart Interiors. Sheers Cowtan and Tout with Houles trim, Eskayal walls, Kohler tub, plaster chandelier by Aspara. Photo via Lilian Hart

The palette of the blues and periwinkle was calming.  The added textures of the trimmings, subtle fringes and tassels, warmed up the room so it didn’t have the artificial perfection of a hotel.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Terry cloth spa chair w contrast welt designed by Liliane Hart Interiors. Seychelles wood bead trim by Samuel and Sons.

Haute Game Room – Barbara Page Home

This room by Barbara Page Home hit the perfect note between traditional and contemporary design. Her use of velvet and matte finishes made the room welcoming where one could unwind.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Every view in Barbara’s room had detail to discover and admire.

Barbara’s choices of trimmings were from different collections, but all modern and graphic fret designs.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Samuel and Sons Greek Key Fret outline the modern shape of the upholstered bench.  Barbara Page Home.

Sweetness in The Bunk Room – Dodson Interiors

Charm was in the air in the Bunk Room designed by Dodson Interiors. The canopies anchored the room, adding shape and grace, harkening back to a time of more formal guest rooms.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Bunk Room of the Hampton Design Showhouse. Design & Photo by Dodson Interiors

The bed pelmets were trimmed in cord.  The drapes were finished with handmade bead trim and gathered with tiebacks.  What I love about these trims by Houles is that although they are traditional, they have a negative space that makes them feel light and airy.  The Rubens embroidered pillow is by Holland and Sherry and coordinates beautifully.



More embroidery in the room, this sweet pillow by B. Vizwhich specializes in vintage textiles and applications.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Beautiful metallic embroidered pillow by B. Viz in the Bunk Room by Dodson Interiors

Lounging in the Rec Room – Elle Cole Interiors

The room by Elle Cole Interiors was very refreshing, where one could recharge.  I love how she added subtle touches of trimmings that made the room more inviting.

The sofa stopped me first. No wonder, it is by CR Lainedetailed with a skirt fringe by Samuel and Sons, pillows by Holland and Sherry.  The vignette is perfection.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Global Getaway – Mikel Welch Design

The upstairs Guest Room designed by Mikel Welch Design felt like a real getaway. The headboard is a rustic door from Pakistan that set the stage, the raw beams adding to the rustic feel.

Masterful Mix – Dyfari Interiors

The most jubilant room was designed by Dyfari Interiors. The Master Sitting Room was a joyful mix of color, pattern and contemporary art.  It was an energizing palette.


2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Master Sitting Room created by Dyfari Interiors photo: Diane Guariglia / Dyfari Interiors for the Hampton Designer Showhouse 2016.


2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Interior design by Dyfari Interiors. Royal Comfort velvet by Robert Allen Design, Pillow fabric by Beacon Hill.

Although the room was very contemporary, this traditional woven Houles banding trim on the leading edge of the chartreuse Beacon Hill drapery panels added to the play on color and pattern.


Hampton-issimo – Mabley Handler Interior Design

The palette used in the Master Bedroom by Mabley Handler Interior Design is quintessentially Hamptons, the way the light hits the fabrics and finishes is extraordinary.  It is no coincidence that their work is found in every village in of  the East End.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

When I was consulting on a furniture collection ten years ago, I met Austin and Jennifer and they generously specified my sofa for a showhouse.  When a delivery didn’t come through for them this edition, they primped the Sophia Sofa and she fit right in!  I am so glad she has stood the test of time and that she is accessorized with exquisite Michelle Hatch Pillows.


2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Covered Porch – Erin Gates Design

Breezy entertaining Hamptons-style is epitomized by the outdoor porch created by Erin Gates.  The black and white fabrics and finishings with pops of water colors was fitting.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Covered Porch by Erin Gates photo:  Elements of Style Blog

Pillows are the easiest way to bring personality to a space. I love how Erin worked with Frontgate, using a simple tape trim to make a modern fretwork design that jazzes up the upholstered dining chair.  The tassels are flirty and fun.


Polished at the Pool – The Rinfret Group

From the tennis court directly into the pool, that’s my idea of heaven.  Denise and Missy Rinfret, The Rinfret Group, have created a totally posh Pool Surround to perfectly complete the home.


Outdoor cording trims the custom monogrammed bolsters on the lounges.

2016 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Thanks for joining me on the VIP trim tour of the Hampton Designer Showhouse. Please visit in person to truly appreciate the workmanship and design, helping support the Southampton Hospital.  Keep #trimspotting and happy summer!


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    They look awesome! I’ve been having a hard time finding curtains for my house too and I wish I could just have yours, I think they would be perfect. Beautiful room!

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      There is a big resurgence of bead trim but now on shades, I love this fabrication. Thanks for stopping by the blog Emily!

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