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PorchPerfect at Red Egg: A #BossLady Gathering

High Point, NC is my home away from home. No joke, I have spent a month per year there for both textile and furniture markets, and always look forward to connecting with my clients who have become my friends.  I’ll never forget, years ago, standing in line at my favorite “locals” bakery to get my daily handmade granola bar (with a live harpist playing in the background), admiring a tall, modelesque woman wearing 501’s and a tunic looking straight out of the pages of Domino.  When the woman turned around, I realized she was Carol Gregg of Red Egg.  I had met Carol at a women’s networking party months earlier and as we became friends, she would host me, with grace and flair,  many evenings at her showroom, all gathered on her beautiful farmhouse porch. In High Point yet again this summer, I was in for a real treat, Carol teamed up with Communications Guru Amy Flurry, to create a #BossLady gathering, a PorchPerfect evening of shoptalk and sharing.

Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Carol Gregg on her Double Happiness Porch Bed. She designs Red Egg, Asian inspired pieces with a modern East meets West lifestyle sensibility in a sophisticated palette.  Her home doubles as her showroom in High Point, NC.

” We need to take care of ourselves and each other as women entrepreneurs.” – Carol Gregg

Amy welcomed us in true Boss Lady style, setting the intention for the evening.

“The PorchPerfect series came from the idea of gathering some of our favorite friends in the industry, who we’d like to spend more time with, in a setting that would encourage conversation, in a style that reflected Carol, Red Egg, and me.”  – Amy Flurry

Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Amy Flurry, author of Recipe For Press, Jane Dagmi of Steelyard Access and Laura Thurman of Thurman Design Studio traveled from GA, FL and TN and would stay for a designer sleepover.  Amy is currently working on a second edition of her book catered to designers, stay tuned!

A true #BossLady is cool and collected, she gets the job done.

We talked work projects, passion projects, family juggle and even how we might collaborate. Lisa Sherry and Leyla Gans share their latest news.

Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Lisa Sherry of Lisa Sherry Interieurs and Leyla Gans, Creative Director of Classical Elements and owner/ designer of Leyla Gans accessories collection. Check out her epaulettes!!

Amy and Carol thought that they could connect with guests more personally outside of  the furniture market hustle.  They cooked for us, rather than having dinner catered, staying true to their authentic maker sensibilities.  As we settled into our conversations over wine and beautiful food, the group decompressed, relaxed conversation filled the porch as shoulders noticeably dropped.

The day after our gathering, Laura Thurman sent us all an email consolidating all our contact info, social media handles and helpful links to some of the resources we talked about: new apps, software, blogs, podcasts, and publications. Total Boss Lady move, thank you Laura!!

 “…for Carol to transform her home into a temporary designer dorm was generous and true to her spirit. Whether we were lounging in our chic rooms filled with Red Egg furniture, her collected art, books, and souvenirs, or just chilling on the porch, I felt like I had escaped.”  – Jane Dagmi

Crafting En Plein Air – Sharing & Shoptalk

With rosé in hand, we sidled up to the craft table Carol prepared. She set out linen napkins, embroidery floss, bakers twine, and some fancy yarns I brought with my trim know-how, to make tasseled cocktail napkins.  Carol talked about her grandmother’s “Stitch ‘n Bitch” sessions of old, like a quilting circle. Re-framed for our Boss Lady crowd, this crafting session could be coined “Sharing ‘n Shoptalk”.   It’s not always natural for women to talk about their accomplishments, but in this supportive setting, it was amazing how we boasted on behalf of one another. The evening revealed that this was a group of highly accomplished and ambitious business women.

Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Shadow isn’t about to be upstaged by a tassel!. Carol is a yogi and her healthy, self care rituals are inspiring. We talked about prioritizing and time management and laughed at this truth, “You can have it all, just not at the same time.”  Meredith Morrison of Eastern Accents is working on a new body of artwork, one to watch on Instagram >> Lady Meredith.

Did you know that CRAFTING has been called “the NEW yoga” with benefits of mindfulness like relaxation and flow?

Click photos below for an easy tassel DIY video using embroidery floss.

I was thrilled to finally meet Jill McKenzie of steve mckenzie’s, an interiors and lifestyle store in Atlanta and Lisa Sherry whose Luxe Life design reputation proceeded her.  Here, Jill, Lisa and Jane  learn the advanced technique of a roll knot banding. I learned this from my Italian handwork mentors in a trimmings factory and love sharing it.


Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Jane Dagmi captured happy hands at work.
Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Sujeidy Alexova and Christina Touloumis, talented designers at Eastern Accents with fashion expertise, master the tassel.


Porch Perfect Boss Lady Gathering at Red Egg
Our finished work #tasseliscious PorchPerfect cocktail napkins! Photo by Carol Gregg.

With a sense of being filled up; with beautiful food and friendship, Boss Lady tips and crafting know-how, we left with a copy of Recipe for Press and gratitude for an evening shared that was truly PorchPerfect.

I hope this post inspires you to create a #BossLady gathering of your own, please write me if you do, I love sharing your insight and creativity!

A special thank you to the Boss Lady behind the camera, Gabbie Burseth for capturing this event.


  • Sarah

    This looks like an epic night and so great to see a recap. Cats, cocktails and crafting among smart women! I hope I can join in next time!

    1. Jana Platina Phipps

      I knew you’d be diggin on Shadow! You certainly are a #BossLady Sarah stay tuned for next! Thanks for reading.

  • Denise

    What a great way to relax, share and connect! Thanks for sharing this experience!

    1. Jana Platina Phipps

      Thank you Denise for reading, it really was a perfect night for people like us, learning and connecting all-in-one go over Rosé and gorgeous eats. We may have to do our NE version come Fall! Carol at Red Egg lives beautifully and it’s such an inspo. You must visit her at HPMKT if you haven’t yet.

  • Connie Post

    Would love to join this lovely group….. you speak my language…… ooh la la

    1. Jana Platina Phipps

      No kidding “Couture is an attitude” #BossLady Connie!! Thanks for reading!

  • David Santiago

    Great read with great talented ladies doing great things! I truly enjoyed this my Queen! I make it a point to see Carol @Red Egg this fall! Xo

    1. Jana Platina Phipps

      David “Prince of Wallpaper” thank you for ready and appreciating. Red Egg is an oasis in HP I will introduce you to Carol. I think you two will enjoy one another and the product and passion you both bring to your work. xxJanq

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