High Point Market Spring 2014 Home Decor

Details: Pattern Play & Fabric Blocking in High Point

It’s the first time in many years that I came back from High Point PSYCHED.  Don’t get me wrong, I always love going to market to see what’s bubbling up.  But this time, as High Point Market Spring 2014, the return to trimmings was overwhelmingly apparent which made me gleeful.  Every showroom was layered with creative application details.

Pattern Play

As part of a larger trend I call Pattern Play, trimmings emerge as a creative way to add pattern to upholstery and bedding.

From the Greek Key and brass studs to leather gimp, plus the animal print and floral fabric mix, this bedding collection from Barclay Butera from Eastern Accents showcases this tendency.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Hudson Bedding – Barclay Butera for Eastern Accents

At the BerberKammlah showroom at EJVictor, I felt like I had entered a sexy library!  Designers Sara and Cecilia created a vignette called Nocturnal Etro layering a Chanel inspired embossed leather with brocades and a soft, pet-able fringe.  I wanted to lounge and ogle the details for the remainder of my afternoon.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Nocturnal Etro by Berber.Kammlah for EJ Victor

Texture galore at Dransfield & Ross.  They weave their signature velvet ribbon here embellished with ivory buttons, mixed with embroidery, frogs and a fret pattern paying homage to the culture mix of Indochine.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Indochine by Dransfiled and Ross for Nostalgia Home

Wood beads, embroidery and chenille fringe embellish pillows and bring attention to the sofa base, creating a luxe ethnic vibe at Marge Carson.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Tibet detail on Luna Sofa at Marge Carson

Known for their Pattern Play, MacKenzie Childs goes exotic with this outdoor seating made of hand woven resin wicker, performance fabrics and whimsical tassels.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Sunset Outdoor collection by MacKenzie Childs

Hunting in Market Square for accessories, the embroidery at Jenny Krauss Handmade stopped traffic.  What’s even cooler is her collection is crafted fair trade by Peruvian artisans in the Andes.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Exquisite embroidery and pompoms at Jenny Krauss

Fabric Blocking with Trim

Another trending application is blocking fabric using trim as a border. This either adds interest to solids or gives a dramatic decorative contrast.  Mary McDonald uses this technique on her debut collection for Chaddock.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Mary McDonald for Chaddock Furniture

Wesley Hall launched an embellishment program upping their offering of designer details.  The Greek Key blocks the two fabrics making a chic wide banding statement.  The charming Audrey Chair was Stylespotted by Michelle Workman with good reason.  It’s embellished and it swivels.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Audrey swivel chair by Wesley Hall with Greek Key banding detail.

Alexa Hampton incorporates bandings for her modern take on traditional at Hickory Chair.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Alexa Hampton uses banding as blocking on velvet at Hickory Chair

Combining both pattern play and fabric blocking trends, is the Chase Ryan bedding on the upholstered Nuwari Bed by Taylor King.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Nuwari Bed by Taylor King with linens by Chase Ryan

Baker Furniture pieces together velvets with a petit cording and a silky caterpillar brush fringe on this sofa designed by Bill Sofield.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Baker Furniture for Bill Sofield

Trim Spotting

Stylespotter Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic reports on trimming in her High Point recap: Trim – Subtle but Significant Details.  Here’s the “fringed wooly” adding texture and elegance at CR Laine.  This is an application that you’ll be seeing more of.

High Point Market Spring 2014
Fringed wooly at CR Laine spotted by Cozy Stylish Chic

And a trip wouldn’t be complete without making a few new trim-tastic friends.  Don’t be surprised if you get tapped on the shoulder when sporting fringe.  It always makes my day.

Remember to keep sharing any inspired trimming applications, I love spreading the creativity.

Stay inspired!

High Point Market Spring 2014
My Jenny Krauss embroidered Peruvian belt makes it’s debut.


  • lmcropp@gmail.com

    Hey Jana, have you been to Kip’s Bay yet? Alexa Hampton’s room is completely over the top. She uses trim on sofas like the HP showroom and inset fringe on some pillows that are gorgeous! Thanks for all the great images and inspiration!

  • avandorp@northstate.net

    Beautiful Jana! And I love the new trim in your header!

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