High Point Market Fall 2013 Home Decor

TRIMS Au Courant – High Point’s Best

With High Point Market Fall 2013 behind us, many of you will be shopping fabrics and trimmings next week at Showtime in High Point.  If you need a little fodder to fuel you, take a look at what your cohorts recently concocted.

Meet Le Petit Fringe

Although jacquard tapes are still au courant (more on that later) this perfect petit fringe popped up in several showrooms.  It adds a graphic quality in an organic way, with a dry, fresh texture.  It also is a clever, versatile way to embellish solids.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Pillow in the Downey Collection by Eastern Accents.

Here Wesley Hall goes ethnic with their mix.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Petit fringe application on pillow at Wesley Hall

This little guy hits traditional and high end with a double gusset application at Lillian August. Love the bold contrasting color.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Petit fringe outlining gusset at Lillian August

Now that I whet your appetite on this niblet of a fringe, here’s a heaping serving of chic trims at Miami based V Rugs & Home.

Luxe Matte Finish

High Point Market Fall 2013
V Rugs & Home featured cotton pom poms & lace on linen pillows.

Rafael and Mariano added luscious fur fringe and tassels to these ottomans, still matte but sleek to the touch.

And did you happen to catch this McGuire piece at Baker?  Being Laura Kirar has its privileges, like money being of no object when designing this statement piece.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Laura Kirar’s Guernica Lounge Chair for McGuire

Now back down to earth, let’s see how some more traditional pairings look contemporary.

Velvet Uprising

Although this has a Fabulous 40’s vibe, Lillian August for Hickory White uses this luxurious solid brush fringe in colors that pop against the ivory damask making a modern statement.

Theodore Alexander also showed jewel tone on tone, pairing a turkish knot trim with a luscious velvet backdrop.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Velvet top of the bed at Theodore Alexander
High Point Market Fall 2013
Turkish knot trim spotted at Theodore Alexander

And Celerie Kemble for Henredon debuted the sexiest sofa I saw at market, in tufted teal velvet with luxe brush fringe on the romantic floral pillows to snuggle up to.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Celerie Kemble’s serpentine sofa

Velvet goes masculine at Vanguard:  Check out this gentleman’s sofa with tailored tape detail.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Chocloate velvet sofa with green tape trim at Vanguard Furniture

Which brings me to the trend of trends of trim fabrication on furnishings…

Wide Tapes Rule

Trim Diva Holly Blalock stole the show at CR Laine with these bright and bold lattice tapes applied on upholstery pieces, unifying the showroom.

High Point Market Fall 2013
Bold tapes at CR Laine

See other gorgeous applications from Taylor King, Verellen, EJ Victor, Theodore Alexander, Massoud, Pearson, Stanford, Dransfield & Ross, Mr & Mrs Howard and Century Furniture.

Hope to see you next week at the show — visit me at the Classical Elements booth.  Click on HERE for details.  And click on GALLERY to meet my new favorite artists and makers.  Much thanks to my fellow trim-spotters who have pinged me.  Do you have something new to share??

Stay inspired!







Ps. Don’t forget to pack some Holiday Flare!

High Point Market Fall 2013
M&S Schmalberg tartan flowers