4/17 Breakfast in Venice – Dorsoduro and Greeting the Grand Canal – SOLD OUT



A Venetian Welcome – strolling the Dorsoduro and greeting the Grand Canal

Stroll the Venetian neighborhood of Dorsoduro, the ancient home of gondola makers, seat of the University, with vistas of architectural beauty. Our local guide Luisella Romeo will take us back in time to the Bubonic plague, and explain how, then and now, the Venetians give thanks and pay tribute to those spared by visiting Palladio’s Redentore Church. Luisella will share historical highlights in real time, being our eyes, ears, and scout, honing in on architectural, artistic and cultural details. She’ll introduce our Maker Tourism friend Marisa Convento, a verified impiraressa artisan maker of jewelry, flowers and corals, from Murano glass beads, who is saving this ancient craft from extinction. We’ll finish our tour with a view of the jewel-toned Grand Canal atop the Accademia Bridge with a renewed understanding of how modern Venetian life is symbiotic with its past.

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Each tour is approximately 75 minutes. When you purchase, you will receive a confirmation then a Zoom link the night before the tour, and a follow up link for replay, viewable within 48 hours.