4/30 Breakfast in Venice – Velvet Making and the Silk Road – SOLD OUT



Venetian Velvet Making and the Silk Road 

Tour living history! At its height as a republic, Venice was the hub of international trade, a compulsory stop on The Silk Road for trading spices, scents and exotic fibers, connecting Asia to Europe. As part of the innovation of the time, Venetians learned to weave silk by perfecting the marriage of hand and machine –the loom – supplying velvet to the wealthiest of church and state . With Luisella as our guide, we’ll visit Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, one of the most high-end fabric factories and suppliers in the world still weaving silk on hand looms, YES BY HAND!  We’ll learn about their various techniques, how long it takes for an apprentice to advance to the loom, and how their heritage business has modernized while still creating masterpieces of restoration. 

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Each tour is approximately 75 minutes. When you purchase, you will receive a confirmation then a Zoom link the night before the tour, and a follow up link for replay, viewable within 48 hours.